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Hip/Chic Effective Design Needed for web 2.0 photo rating site

jjentertain needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 29 designs submitted by 15 freelance designers.


How jjentertain started their t-shirt journey


We are looking for unique sexy designs for womens t-shirts. Our site would be best described as an advanced photo rating website suitable for the ‘Web 2.0’ environment. The design should conform to this description as much as possible but the goal for the t-shirt design is sexy!! There is also a contest for banner ad design where we are looking for creativity.

Company name

HotNation (we will use this alias to determine the winning logo/design. Once selected we have to adjust the logo w real name)

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

see description

Desired Color Scheme:
open...t-shirt should be 3 or 4 colors max; banner design open

Desired Style:
hip, sexy, chic, stylish, clean

Accepted File Formats:
.ai files(vector)/.psd file

There are two contests and multiple prizes available!!

Site description :
The website would be best described as an advanced photo rating website suitable for the Web 2.0 environment.

a) T-shirt design - first place $125 second place $30
- womens t-shirt black
- should be 3-4 colors max
- we are looking for a sexy design and open to creativeness
- the t-shirt should have a catch phrase to which we are open to. catchier the are a couple of suggestions:
1. Certified Hottie
2. Hotter Than You;
3. I Know Where I'm Hot;
4. Hot All Over;
5. Got Hot??;
6. Are YOU hot enough?;
7. Official SoCal Hottie;
8. I'm Responsible for Global Warming;
9. Heat Stroker;

b) Banner design - first place $100 second place $25
- open to designs and ideas
- banner sizes should be -- Leaderboard (728x90 & 486x60) and Skyscraper (120x600 & 160x600).

** The winning design(s) must be provided in .AI files/vector file or .PSD file via email.

This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- T-Shirt Design
- Banner Ad Design

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