2022 is dawning. It’s time to welcome in the New Year feeling organized, inspired, and fresh. And what’s the best way to achieve this feeling? Well, we’ve huddled, we’ve pondered and we’ve brainstormed. Let us present our favorite antidote—the Creativity meets possibility art calendar for 2022.

This design calendar offers up the year in a jaw-dropping aesthetic. It’s beautiful, diverse, and overflowing with 12 of the most stunning expressions of creativity. We’re bringing these designs to life digitally and in print format, thanks to the expert help of VistaPrint.

2022 digital calendar
Brighten up your desktop with our 2022 digital calendar.

So without further ado, our 2022 ‘creativity meets possibility’ calendar spotlights 12 of our favorite 99designs by Vista designers from all over the world. Let it light up your view for the whole of 2022!

January: lift each other up!

January signifies hopefulness, fresh beginnings, and an opportunity to reflect and reset your personal and professional targets for the year to come.

Ukrainian-born illustrator and graphic designer Sergey never fails to provide us with joyful color palettes and characters, making them the perfect designer for your January calendar. Forget blue Mondays, 2022 January is all about manifesting positivity through color.

January calendar design in pastel
January calendar illustration by Serhii Goldshtain

Sergey’s illustration is all about lifting each other up, positivity, and collaboration, which is the perfect new year’s resolution, especially as a designer.

February: reach for bold ideas

To many, February signifies Valentine’s Day, a time to reach out to the apple of your eye and tell them you love them. To 99designs by Vista illustrator M.arta, she’s looked to the original lovers Adam and Eve for further inspiration.

February calendar design in orange and blue tones
February calendar illustration by m.arta
I was inspired by the infamous tale of Eve’s temptation. Creating something new requires a certain boldness; it’s worth sometimes being a rebel and taking a risk for a good idea.
- M.arta

This eye-catching illustration uses stark contrasting reds and blues to further exaggerate the risk-taking concept of M.arta’s design. Her hope? To inspire readers to do the same.

March: honey, I shrunk the illustrator

Xinpinglee charmingly depicts the nostalgia of childhood with a surreal and eye-catching illustration of a ginormous ice cream—what could be sweeter?

‘The illustration recalled the days of childhood to me.” Xinpinglee details, “I remember when I was a child, the moment I got ice cream—it’s like you own the world. I hope people feel happy or it brings back sweet memories to see my illustration.”

March calendar design
March calendar illustration by xinpinglee
Wishing everyone peace and happiness throughout the coming year.
- Xinpinglee

Reminiscent of ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’, March’s illustration is sure to put a smile on your face as you flip the calendar from February to March. Enjoy this printable art calendar and let the pop art colors and striking checkerboard light up your living space.

April: hope on the horizon

The childlike nature of Nedra Ta’s April submission is as warming as its yellow tones and cuddly bear. The talented designer describes why: “I wanted my drawing to give an impression of freedom as we experienced it when we were children—a journey towards the unknown with a lot of hope on the horizon.”

bear cycling over a warm desert
April calendar illustration by Nedra Ta
For 2022, I hope to enjoy the good times and dream like I used to when I was a child.
- Nedra Ta

Although it seems as though the bear looks like he might topple off his tiny bike, he keeps on pedaling up the hill, a great mantra for 2022. Just keep on pedaling!

May: enjoy the small moments

The hazy skies of Paula Ambrosio’s illustration are tantalizingly nostalgic of a clear, early morning dawn, filling you with optimism for the day to come. The grainy textures and pink-to-navy gradients are so dreamy, you feel like you’re on the train traveling through Brazil in the ’60s. Surely, this 100th wave of Covid will be over soon and we can all jump aboard this train for a much-needed holiday?

“The inspiration behind my illustration was the interior landscapes of Brazil’s small towns, this one is located in Minas Gerais and surrounds a running line of train tracks.” Designer Paula Ambrosio shares her vision, “Hopefully, whoever sees this will feel inspired, and just like the woman in the illustration, enjoy the small moments in life, because those are what make it all worthwhile.”

May calendar design in watercolor
May calendar illustration by Paula Ambrosio
Hopefully, whoever sees this will feel inspired, and just like the woman in the illustration, enjoy the small moments in life, because those are what make it all worthwhile.
- Paula Ambrosio

It took me a hot second to work out that there was a woman hiding in Paula’s illustration, which made me fall in love with her design even more. It takes an enormous amount of skill to pull off an illusion illustration so subtly, making it even more worthwhile to download this printable art calendar.

June: evening skies

The colors that Rei Rey uses perfectly illustrate the tranquility of a peaceful evening sky. Contrasting the turquoise of the sky with a tangerine sun, the designer beckons your most nostalgic memories, wishes, and dreams.

June calendar illustration featuring a sun and sky
June calendar illustration by Rei Rey

The friendly face of Rei Rey’s sun would be a calming addition to your wall or desktop, reminding you to go out and enjoy the most charming hours of the day, whenever you get the chance to.

July: an abstract array

3D artist and self-confessed ‘nerd’, Axil Designs created a wonderfully trippy and freeing submission for the month of July.

As he puts it himself, “I’m a huge 3D nerd. I love everything about 3D. So, when I saw the 99D Community contest, I knew that this was my chance to do whatever I want creatively without worrying about following a specific direction.”

Abstract July calendar design
July calendar illustration by Axil Designs
I wanted to create an abstract look with multiple colors and shapes without it being confusing. Rather, I wanted it to feel full yet minimal, which is a hard vision to achieve—but at last, I did it.
- Axil Designs

There are so many technical elements to Axil Design’s 3D illustration, all of which work in total unison together. Light up your impending July 2022 with our printable art calendar!

August: love in the time of covid

Whether you’re daydreaming at work or traveling to the furthest away island in the Aegean Sea, August is a time for imagination and adventure. Well, it was before Covid-19 came about. Maspoko’s submission for August is inspired by the Pandemic and how we’ve had to adapt to make it work for us.

August calendar design
August calendar design by maspoko
It may not have been possible for the past two years, but I hope people can soon feel excited again and travel to their favorite places.
- Maspoko

‘My illustration is inspired by the current situation. Over the last two years, we have been hit by a pandemic that forces us to not be able to meet in person. Since this began, I’ve found myself attracted to rural areas for peace and inspiration.”  Maspoko tells us, “the 99designs by Vista platform enables me to meet many clients from cities around the world, despite the pandemic not being over.”

Fingers crossed 2022 will be the year we can more confidently book our flights and catch up on our holiday bucket list.

September: a time for dahlias

Self-professed flower lover and designer DaliaKK has taken further inspiration from flowers for the September calendar. The simple but effective formation of her September flowers could almost be used as a repeat pattern, evocative of mid-century modernism.

It is logical to connect flowers with calendars. Flowers have their own life and their own flowering period, they’re dominated by time.
- Daliakk
Dahlias for September
September calendar illustration by Daliakk

Daliakk explains, ‘Flowers, like nature in general, can suggest infinite variations of shape and color. So it seemed very logical to me to use a floral motif to illustrate the calendar. They are very time-dependent, they have their own life, their own flowering time, it’s all about time—just like the calendar.”

A minimal color palette and simplistic vectors make September’s design a striking addition to your wall.

October: every child is an artist

Indonesia-based illustrator Fitriandhita draws inspiration from the limitless imagination of childhood, perfectly hitting the ‘creativity meets possibility’ calendar brief. Daydreaming while gazing out the window is a pastime held by many children, making Fitriandhita’s aquatic October calendar design the perfect example of childhood hopes and dreams.

I hope the people who see this artwork can get carried away with its atmosphere. Hopes and dreams are within reach if we believe.
- Fitriandhita
Aquatic October calendar design
October calendar illustration by Fitriandhita

To provide us with deeper insights, Fitriandhita explains her thinking process behind the design. “The illustration idea I came up with when reading the contest title, revolved around the vast and limitless imagination of children. I like to make illustrations with windows, space, sea, and leaves, which led me to this particular design.”

November: life’s too short

Pack your bags, it’s time to put on your beret and march off into the horizon like the true artist you are! Designer Yellowhitman’s dreamlike illustration for the month of November uses psychedelic colorways and unusual perspectives to create a subtle other-worldly feel.

November calendar design
November calendar illustration by yellowhitman

The suited and booted figures in the foreground talking business remind us that life’s too short to get bogged down with paperwork. Instead, feel inspired to make the most out of life and confidently stomp your way to fulfill your creative aspirations—that’s your 2022 new year’s resolution sorted!

December: sundown shadows

Illustrator and designer illusive trust lives up to their moniker by giving us an enigmatic and captivating illustration, cleverly using orange tones and grey shadows to dazzle light into a darkened room. It exudes a sense of togetherness in an otherwise isolating period.

December calendar design
December calendar illustration by illusive trust

Maybe the character is reflecting on everything that has happened in 2022 and all of her hopes for 2023, or maybe she’s just thinking about how delicious her can of coke is. Either way, we can be sure that the figure is thinking about how pleased she is that she downloaded and printed her 99designs art calendar…

2022: where creativity meets possibility

We are so thankful to our wonderful global community of designers and illustrators, especially in the unsettling climate of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only does our community help us to feel connected, but they brighten up our days with their ever enchanting imagination and illustrations.

Discover our digital art calendar in time for the New Year!
Creativity meets possibility
printable art calendar 2022
Our printable art calendar is sure to keep your inspiration flowing, all year round! 

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Creativity meets possibility

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