Here at 99designs we love hearing about successful client-designer relationships, and we always encourage them to expand across and even outside of our platform.

So we decided to round up some of the best stories that have come out of the woodwork in the past year – little thrills us more than seeing the design work created through 99designs out there in the real world. Whether it’s the company mascot printed on staff apparel or a mass-produced brand identity for a sweets company, we love the creativity that came out of these client-designer partnerships! Check them out:

Backyard Genie mascot design

Testimonials Backyard Genie 1

Backyard Genie is the brand name of a 3-piece set of garden tools (expanded later on to more tools) to help gardeners in tending to their edible backyard gardens. Backyard Genie’s customers will be able to utilize the tools and grow their own healthy produce right in their own backyard. Founder Ramona Werst will be launching the Backyard Genie blog very soon!

When Backyard Genie’s contest wrapped up and Diana@dazzled was declared the winner, delivering a cute and sassy mascot design that fits the company profile:

“We…will always either turn to our winning designers for 1-to-1 Projects or run contests for the best designs. It’s like having a team of designers that are very creative and fast with ideas. The money is well worth it to create a unique design!”

– Ramona Werst of Backyard Genie

My Brigadeiro logo & branding design

Testimonials MyBrigadeiro 1
Testimonials MyBrigadeiro 4
Testimonials MyBrigadeiro 3

My Brigadeiro was inspired by founder Ana Paula Alexandrescu’s love of cooking and passion to share Brazil’s national sweets with family, friends and customers. The company was founded in 2012 in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont and Ana has given considerable attention and care to perfecting her recipes with organic and natural products.

Ana has been very vocal in her support for the winning designer who created My Brigadeiro’s official logo and branding, 99designer Stevanus Gerald. So it’s no wonder that the designer would approach us (rightfully) to brag about her lovely comments for his work:

“[Stevanus] was able to understand my need and bring my vision to life. He’s an amazing graphic designer and a consummate professional…prompt to respond and very attentive to customers’ need. After creating the logo, I had developed a great business/friendship with Stevanus, despite the thousand of miles that separate us. Today he is the only graphic designer I use, and why not? He’s fast, his fees are reasonable and on top of everything he is a great person to work with!”

– Ana Paula Alexandrescu of My Brigadeiro

Crayon Lacing logo design

Testimonials Crayon Lacing 2
Testimonials Crayon Lacing 1
Testimonials Crayon Lacing 3

Crayon Lacing was started by two law students, Marc Rigsby and Bennett Rainey, who were eager to break through the books and into the fashion industry. Having a mutual interest in fashion, Marc and Bennett sought to start a line of men’s fashion accessories, starting with an often-overlooked accessory: the shoelace. Thus, Crayon Lacing was born and was officially launched on May 16, 2013. The company currently distributes its laces online and through its retail partners.

Crayon Lacing launched a contest with us to find the logo design to go on the company’s smart and sleek packaging. Enter 99designer misterious™ to the rescue!

“Thanks again for designing our logo! We still love it, and it looks great on our products!”

– Marc Rigsby of Crayon Lacing

Turkey5 Run logo design

Testimonials Turkey5 2
Testimonials Turkey5 3

Run Against Cancer Events is a non-profit organization who produced a Thanksgiving road race last year called the Turkey5 in the town of Wellesley, Massachusetts. The event benefited both a food kitchen and a cancer charity. As it was a family friendly and community-focused race event, the fun factor was clearly portrayed in the whimsical logo design featuring a running turkey, created by 99designer ynr! Congratulations to ynr, whose design was featured in official banners and apparel on the day of the race.

Mama’s Good Cakes logo design

Testimonials Mamas Good Cakes 1
Testimonials Mamas Good Cakes 2

Mama’s Good Cakes is the brainchild of founder Michelle Rojas. Offering delicious, one-of-a-kind birthday cakes out of its home base in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Mama’s Good Cakes’ products are made to meet vegan standards.

Not wanting to compromise on style, Michelle launched a contest with us to find the perfect logo for her brand. 99designer c.madeleine delivered the winning proposal, and the design has been used on business cards and the company’s website.

“I loved it. Some of the designs were very good and I picked the best one out of a couple of really good options. The pace was so fast, that the project never stalled and that was important to me. I had a vague vision about what I wanted the logo to look like, and some designers understood exactly how to bring that idea to life effectively. Their choice of color was more vibrant (and I think effective) than anything I could have come up with on my own.”

– Michelle Rojas of Mama’s Good Cakes

Nancy Roe’s mystery novel Secrets Can Be Deadly book cover design

Testimonials Nancy Roe

Nancy Roe – author of The Nancy Way – is no stranger to 99designs, having previously hosted a contest with us to look for the cover design of her first non-fiction book. And it seems she’s pretty happy with us, as she looked to the site to find the cover design for her newest book offering, a mystery novel titled Secrets Can Be Deadly.

Designer Leslie79 came through for Nancy, with an intriguing yet eye-catching design befitting a mystery novel.

“I used 99designs a year ago when I published my first non-fiction book. The designers did a wonderful job, I knew I would go back for my upcoming novel. [My experience was] fabulous! I had so many design choices, it was a difficult decision to pick a cover.”

– Nancy Roe, author

Rocket Space company logo design

Testimonials Rocket Space 1
Testimonials Rocket Space 3

Rocket Space strives to be the number 1 in shared office spaces, aiming to provide the best environment for new start-up companies, focusing on those within the tech industry. One thing was missing – a company logo to be displayed in all its glory in the office space! So founder Duncan Logan and his team went to look for that perfect logo on our site, and 99designer chivee delivered a fun and youthful design without compromising the company’s brand identity.

“Choosing the logo for RocketSpace was always going to be special and we were lucky to work with chivee who not only came up with a number of great designs but managed to build our feedback into the final logo. I love it.”

– Duncan Logan from Rocket Space

Thank you to our customers for taking the time to supply their testimonials, company story and pictures to us!

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